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TitleChild Nutrition- Cook/Server
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                                                CHILD NUTRITION DEPARTMENT


JOB DESCRIPTION:  CN Kitchen Specialist (Cook Server)


The Child Nutrition Department is instrumental in contributing to the quality of education and the educational process for the students of Lumberton by providing nourishing, well balanced meals and clean, safe and pleasant lunch room environment for the students and the faculty of the Lumberton Independent School District.  The following job duties and responsibilities will provide employees with a general description of duties expected in the Child Nutrition area of employment.  Employee evaluations will be based on the employees performance in these areas. Hours vary. Child Nutrition staff may be scheduled to work anywhere from 20-37.5 hours per week. Benefits are offered to all employees.


QUALIFICATIONS:              1.      Food Service experience helpful but not required.

  1. Ability to lift 40 pounds unassisted.
  2. Ability to speak clearly and articulately (English).
  3. Ability to work with adults and children.
  4. Ability to maintain accurate daily records
  5. Ability to follow oral and written instructions
  6. Ability to use basic math skills.
  7. Must complete FBI background check within 30 days of start date.
  8. Must complete Hardin County Food Safety Training course within 30 days of start date.



REPORTS TO:                     1.      CN Kitchen Manager

  1. CN Supervisor
  2. CN Director




RESPONSIBILITIES:          1.      Reports for work promptly and avoids excessive absences.

Informs Child Nutrition Manager as soon as possible when unable to report for work.

  1. Reports for work in proper kitchen attire follows department uniform procedures.
  2. Checks menus daily and plans food preparation as needed, following recipes as written or instructed by supervisor.
  3. Ability to ensure food is served properly – hot food hot, cold food cold.
  4. Ability to ensure proper quantities of food is served; ensures portion control.
  5. Assists in ordering and maintaining of adequate groceries (food and non-food items) for preparation.
  6. Promotes and practices safety in the work place.
  7. Reports all accidents and injuries to supervisor.
  8. Reports unsafe conditions to supervisor.
  9. Reports any misappropriation of supplies or funds to director.
  10. Ensures proper sanitation and health code compliance.
  11. Ensures equipment, utensils, tables, etc. are clean and sanitized.
  12. Ensures that work and surrounding areas are clean and sanitized.
  13. Ensures equipment is properly maintained and is in good working order.
  14. Keeps accurate record of hours worked.
  15. Follows kitchen job duties as assigned or documented by supervisor.
  16. Assists in recording and documenting Production Records, Temp Charts, disposal Records, etc.)
  17. Assists in maintaining accurate daily records.  
  18. Reports any complaints from students, staff, or parents to CN Kitchen Manager.
  19. Attends workshops and meetings as required by director.
  20. Promotes and demonstrates teamwork and a positive attitude.
  21. Becomes familiar with MSDS Manual and how to use it.
  22. Performs other duties as assigned.


I acknowledge receipt of my job description provided to me by my immediate supervisor.  I have read/discussed this job description with my supervisor.  I understand that the above job description does not cover every aspect of this position, therefore, I am encouraged to seek answers or advice from my manager or director not specifically covered above. 




Shift TypePart-Time
Salary Range$9.25 / Per Hour
LocationChild Nutrition

Applications Accepted

Start Date07/18/2018